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Roman Manikhin

Berlin-based interdisciplinary artist Roman Manikhin invites us to his world of vibrant celebration of life and freedom. In contrast to the widespread objectification and sexualization of women in arts, Manikhin considers nudity's potential for liberation from shame and oppressive norms. Magenta muses are the sovereign spirits, looking back proudly at the spectator from the paintings. 

Manikhin’s vision of a woman is shaped by his upbringing by a single mother. Internal spark, everlasting joy and timeless youthfulness is how femininity got imprinted in his childhood memory. Despite the suffering and darkness the world is overwhelmed with, he believes his artistic mission is to spread light and provide an escape into the warm, light-hearted paradise where humans, animals, and plants can enjoy each other in peace. The artist’s paintings are on display at the museum Zuzeum in Riga and in private collections in Russia, Italy, Turkey, Denmark, Sweden and the USA.

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