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The Falls

The Falls

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  • ​​​​​​​Acrylic painting by Magdalena Cichon

    Acrylic and textile painting by Magdalena Cichon

    "It is a fundamental principle of Magdalena Cichon’s work that Magdalena Cichon not to offer any ultimate signs – neither to herself nor the viewer. Continually, new constellations between color, shape and texture arise. As a viewer, we quickly realize that we are not entitled to any secure knowledge or distinct recognition. Magdalena Cichon works with what is unexpected and volatile; her strategy relies on the potential of coincidence as well as her conscious interventions."

    Angelika Steinmetz-Oppelland, Art historian



    Unframed: 127 x 157 cm



    acrylic and textile on canvas






    Certificate of authenticity included

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