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"bla bla bla, come to the point"

Zurich-based graphic designer and illustrator Bastian Amarru's clean linework takes us on a short trip through his world of thought sketched into sharp observations about quotidian life.



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"recently i got the urge, the drive to make my own thing. sometimes i think about that I am the only person who can control my life and it kinda scares me but at the same time it's very motivational that i know if i want i can do whatever i want to do."



"bla bla bla, come to the point."



"for everybody home is something else. home can be a place, home can be a feeling or a person. in the best case home is when you are by yourself."



"recently my dreams at night feel so real. i wake up and i can’t tell if it was a dream or not. one night i dreamed that i had a very deep cut on my leg and i was about to lose my right leg because of it. i was slightly terrified when i woke up and realised that my right leg was still there with no cut or whatever. it confused me so hard that when i was at work later i thought: oh, i can’t take the stairs because i got this cut on my leg, i take the elevator. then i realised; it was all a dream."



"you know sometimes there are things we cannot change. and i think we all got things we want to change, but just cant. thats okay, but to think about it, is a feeling that is so uncomfortable and makes me sick sometimes. maybe i need to think less. but at the same time i know that my feelings are valid and that i have to feel them for a reason."



"sometimes in public i watch other people and wonder what life they are living. what thoughts they are thinking. and sometimes i watch other people and i just don‘t care who they are. don‘t take it personal, i’m just too busy with my own stuff sometimes.."

For inquiries about Bastian Amarru's artworks go to the linked website.

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